As workforce management has developed from a traditional approach of staff scheduling to improve time management, it has become more integrated and demand-oriented to optimize the scheduling of staff.  Besides the two core aspects of demand-orientation and optimization, workforce management may also incorporate:

  • forecasting of workload and required staff
  • involvement of employees into the scheduling process
  • management of working times and accounts
  • analysis and monitoring of the entire process

We start with a clear definition of the work required through engineered standards and optimal methods for performing each task as efficiently and safely as possible.  Based on this foundation and demand-based forecasts, workers are scheduled, tasks assigned, performance is measured, feedback is provided and incentives are computed and paid.  Online training is provided along with supervisor-based coaching to bring all workers up to required levels of proficiency. 

We implement a complete approach designed to make the workforce as productive as possible, reduce labor costs, and improve customer service.